Naps & Night Time Module

Did you know that research shows that the vast majority of children (over 75%) can be night time potty trained with simple steps you can do yourself at home? 

This 30 minute course is suitable for you: 

  • If you have a child who is using nappies or pull-ups at night and you want to start night time potty training 
  • Regardless of whether or not your child has been dry at night  

In this module you will learn the 7 supportive steps which are practical things you can do to help your child to succeed with night time dryness. 

This course will explain: 

  • How to use naps as a learning opportunity for your child 
  • Your options for stopping using nappies at night 
  • When to start 
  • What research tells us about night time dryness
  • The 7 supportive steps and how to use them
  • How to manage a wet bed
  • Problem solving and knowing when to seek medical advice

It will also correct any myths and misinformation that you may have been holding about night-time potty training.

Bonus materials

Additional downloads include a recommended supply list and discount codes for the Little Bunny Bear range of products (available on Etsy).

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  Naps and Night Time
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"After several failed attempts to potty train my youngest, I attended a workshop run by little bunny bear. As a result we have finally mastered day and night training. Definitely worth attending. Thanks again"

Hi, I'm Rebecca Mottram

I'm a Children's Nurse, potty learning consultant and parent of 2 children who used the potty from birth. After 12 years of being a nurse and 6 years specialising in potty learning, I created this course to help parents and carers to understand how to work in partnership with their children in a gentle but effective way. Unlike other courses, created by well-meaning parents who try to use anecdotal knowledge of their own experience to help others, this course is fully supported by research evidence and rooted in child development principles.

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