Potty Training is the term we use to refer to helping your child reach the major developmental milestone of toilet independence (stopping using nappies.) There is no lower age limit to when children can start learning potty-related skills, and whatever age you are ready to help your child make this transition, our course can help you.

Our Advanced Potty Training course is the gold standard. It provides parents with a clear, effective potty training plan plus the tools to tailor it to each child's unique capabilities and temperament. Rebecca's gentle approach is informed by clinical evidence and rooted in the science of child development. It will allow you to work in true partnership with your child.

We recommend that you choose the Advanced Potty Training Course, which gives you access to everything you need to potty train your child and tailor it to their individual needs. However, we do also have a FREE Potty Training Essentials Course available which offers the method only.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Mottram

I'm a children's Nurse, potty learning consultant and parent of 2 children who used the potty from birth. As a health professional, I understand the importance of having an evidence base for the care I give. That's why I created this course to help you to work in partnership with your child in a gentle but effective way that is based on good, peer-reviewed research. 

Potty training is a time of great leaps and bounds for your child. Research clearly shows that we need to potty train earlier to give our children the best chance in achieving this key milestone. My course is designed to help you do that in a way that honours you both.